Working for a Charity Hospital

Akash Kesari

November 3, 2021

Akash Kesari

Akash Kesari on What He Learned Working for a Charity Hospital

Akash Kesari had the privilege of being able to work for a charity hospital. The experience he gained has proven invaluable when it comes to life, as it taught him so much about himself and about people in general. He started his career by attending and completing medical school in Mumbai, India, obtaining an MBBS degree. During that time, he completed a year-long rotating internship in a multi-specialty hospital. He is also proud of the experience he gained by teaching and working with autistic children. While working as a behavior technician, he applied the principles of behavior analysis to help children on the spectrum work towards reaching their goals and exceeding them. Even though he is currently in a new business focused on marketing, his medical fieldwork and charitable work in the hospital have proven to be a key asset in his career. Here are a few of the things he learned.

Akash Kesari States He Learned Not to Give Up

In your life and career, you will encounter many setbacks. Akash Kesari understands this perhaps better than most. As of last September, he has endured many traumatic upheavals. The dissolution of his marriage was difficult to overcome. Concurrently, he was facing the end of his career and his future employment prospects, and then he had to overcome his father’s untimely death. Despite all these setbacks, he managed to keep a positive mental attitude and remained determined to become a successful business owner, now owning a business with nine employees and a growing payroll.

Akash Kesari Says He Learned How Fortunate He Is

The right mental attitude can be the difference between failure and succeeding in ways you did not know were possible. Akash Kesari has learned that nothing should be taken for granted and realized how fortunate he is. We have all been dealt with situations that feel unsurmountable, but he knew that he has been lucky throughout these challenging times. The charity work he did while at the hospital gave him a brand new perspective, and he learned that he could offer so much more than he previously even imagined.

Akash Kesari Explains He Learned A Lot About People In General

Akash Kesari has had a unique opportunity to be in a position where he suffered significant setbacks and through those setbacks, he has grown as an individual. However, that personal growth came through shared moments with the people that have crossed his path. Listening to what his patients say during his charity work and collaborating with his colleagues has given insights into how people relate, which has been tremendous in his marketing career and building a solid team of employees.

As you go through life, you grow and change as a person. Akash Kesari has grown a lot in his life. While he once envisioned a career in the medical field, he now has new dreams and visions for his life, including successfully operating the growing marketing company that he has started. Working for a charity hospital has given him experiences that continue to shape his life today.