Akash Kesari

Direct Marketing Professional and Founder of DNA Marketing Solutions in Savannah, Georgia

About Me

A can-do attitude and caring spirit have helped businessman Akash Kesari navigate through major moves, life changes and career transitions with grace and renewed conviction for helping others.

After completing medical school and working as a behavior technician, Kesari chose a new career path and launched the successful marketing firm DNA Marketing Solutions Inc., a business incorporated in Georgia. The growing business supports Fortune 500 companies with direct marketing efforts, and relocation to Long Island is under consideration as expansion of the enterprise continues. Kesari's success in marketing came early with a rapid rise from an entry-level position at a recently established company where personal performance helped him rise to a directorship in record time. From here, the idea for his own enterprise was born, and the next steps were taken.

Through his successful business ventures, Kesari strives to share his fortune with others and stays committed to providing stable jobs to his workers along with training in essential life skills for personal success, such as money management, bill payment and how to provide for families effectively. He considers it his duty to elevate others, and this extended to his own family following the early loss of his father. At present, DNA Marketing Solutions Inc. employs nine individuals, but Kesari has shepherded dozens of people through to successful careers in marketing and more.

The quality Kesari respects most in others and strives to exemplify himself is courage — courage to face the unknown and to face trying times directly and fight through to better days as he has done and continues to do.

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Akash Kesari
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Akash Kesari
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Akash Kesari
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Akash Kesari
February 20, 2023

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