Improving the Lives of the Needy

Akash Kesari

November 3, 2021

Akash Kesari

Akash Kesari shares some ways people can improve the lives of the needy

Extending a helping hand to other professionals

Akash sees himself as a workaholic, burying his head in his work seven days a week. He believes that he has full responsibility to work hard to feed and clothe his immediate family, including his mother.

His work ethic has paid off as he’s now the Founder and Managing Director of Blue Marketing Solutions Inc. On his entrepreneurship journey, Akash Kesari empowers many people by opening job opportunities for them. He also shows them how to make money to meet their financial needs, including paying bills and looking after their families.

Improving the lives of the community

Not only is Akash empowering people through his company, but he is also involved in charity work around his community. As a native of India, Akash Kesari lends a hand to a charity hospital in his country of birth.

Akash Kesari’s company also takes part in drives for local shelters, including women’s shelters. He has made several donations to these organizations.

According to Akash Kesar, a person can help the needy in many ways.

Donate to an NGO

Akash Kesari says one easy way is to identify a credible NGO and make donations. An NGO creates a fund from many donations to finance its charity programs. For example, if an NGO focuses on children, it can pour donated funds into literacy activities, healthcare, malnutrition, etc.

Fundraise for a charity organization

Apart from donating to an organization, Akash Kesari says an individual can organize activities for fundraising. For instance, his company coordinated local drives for some local shelters.

Concerts, marathons, social events, birthday fundraisers, including crowdfunding, are fundraising examples. Akash Kesari explains that crowding involves identifying a social project and inviting many people to fund the program.

Volunteer with a charity

Akash Kesari adds that another way to improve the lives of the needy is to volunteer your time and skills. As a qualified medical doctor, he volunteered to help a charity hospital in India.

As Akash Kesari notes, you can use whatever skills you have to help others, like teaching disadvantaged children. College or university students on holiday can take up internship roles with an NGO, for example.

Akash is the owner and managing director of BluePrint Marketing Solutions, registered in Georgia. As a marketing company, it focuses on direct marketing for Fortune 500 companies.

BluePrint Marketing Solutions offers several services, such as advertising, customer acquisitions, brand management, customer service, and more.

Akash Kesari is presently on a training program in Atlanta for two months.