Akash Kesari Talks About His Journey to Becoming the Founder and Managing Director of DNA Marketing

Akash Kesari

November 3, 2021

Akash Kesari

Akash Kesari talks about what it took him to end up becoming a business owner.

Akash Kesari: a multi-talented individual

At seven years old, Akash Kesari’s parents relocated to the U.S. from India, New Delhi, in 1995.  Years later, he graduated from high school and then went to the University of Florida. But after two years of university education, Akash Kesari left the U.S. and went back to Mumbai in India to pursue medicine.

He lived for six years in India while attending medical school at Mahatma Gandhi Missions Medical College, MGMUHS. In the final year of his medical school, Akash Kesari went through an internship program at a teaching hospital and had exposure to all the hospital’s departments.

After graduating from medical school with an MBBS, Akash Kesari practiced medicine in India for several years. Not only is he a doctor, but he is gifted at teaching. He has successfully taught autistic children and, as a behavior technician, he has used applied behavior analysis principles to help below-average children excel.

Akash Kesari is proud of teaching these kids as they have learning challenges compared to many other ‘normal’ children. He sees these lessons as one of the biggest achievements in his life because they have positively impacted the kids.

Giving up isn’t the solution to challenges

Akash Kesari, like everyone else, isn’t spared from life-damaging issues. He says that last year was the most traumatic time of his life when his marriage sadly ended. As if his divorce was not enough, he lost his father. As a result of these heart-wrenching and tragic chapters of his life, his career and employment were not hanging by a thread. It seemed there was no glimmer of hope and a way to escape.

But in times like these, mental attitude matters. Akash Kesari cultivated and maintained a positive attitude and persevered because he believed that not all was lost. It’s either he brooded over his loss or moved on with a positive mindset. He chose the latter and, with determination, he picked up the broken pieces to build a business.

Now, he is a proud entrepreneur employing seven people, a positive contribution to society. Akash Kesari says that many people who are in a double whammy situation tend to call it quits. But he wouldn’t and couldn’t give up as he had a family to look after.

Akash Kesari’s entrepreneurial life

Although Akash Kesari is a doctor who is licensed to practice in India, he has an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit. Because of hard work and a never-give-up attitude, he completed a training program in his current organization and was promoted to managing director. It only took him five months to finish the training and receive the promotion.

Akash Kesari is an expert at managing markets, developing business leaders and professionals, and customer acquisitions for top firms. He says that he has vast experience of operating a business profitably. Currently, he is the owner of DNA Marketing Solutions, a business registered in Georgia. As a marketing company, DNA deals with direct marketing for Fortune 500 companies.

He is also going through another intensive training program in Atlanta and hopes to relocate to Long Island, NY, to run his business there.